Brew Strength

The strength of a coffee brew level is a measure of how noticeable is the flavor in the resulting beverage. Pretty simply, it describes how much of the stuff in the cup is “not water”.

Strength is directly quantified by the concentration of coffee extract present in the solution. A very diluted coffee is “weak” or watery, while a highly concentrated coffee is said to be “strong”. This concentration can be measured with a digital refractometer and is usually defined by the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) since soluble solids in the Coffee Extract are the main responsible for the flavor.

The range of acceptable concentrations for each of the Extraction Methods is a matter of personal preference and varies across cultures.

It’s important to note that the strength of the brew is not necessarily tied to the Extraction Yield of the coffee dose. It’s possible to have weak and bitter (over-extracted) coffee as well as strong but plain (under-extracted) coffee, as depicted in the Brewing Control Chart.