London's 1674 Petition Against Coffee

The Women’s Petition Against Coffee, Representing to Public Consideration the Grand INCONVENIENCES accruing to their SEX from the Excessive Use of that Drying, Enfeebling LIQUOR, Presented to the Right Honorable the Keepers of the Liberty of VENUS, by a Well-willer. London, Printed 1674.

Women’s Petition Against Coffee|300

The petition protested against the consumption of coffee arguing that it made men sterile and impotent and stated that it contributed to the nation’s failing birth rate. According to the petition, coffee made men “as unfruitful as the sandy deserts, from where that unhappy berry is said to be brought.” Women also raised protest against the coffeehouse itself as it “provided in times of domestic crisis when a husband should have been attending to his duties at home.”

The full text has many amusing excerpts: >For can any Woman of Sense or Spirit endure with Patience, that when priviledg’d by Legal Ceremonies, she approaches the Nuptial Bed, expecting a Man that with Sprightly Embraces, should Answer the VIgour of her Flames, she on the contrary should only meat A Bedful of Bones, and hug a meager useless Corpse rendred as sapless as a Kixe, and dryer than a Pumice-Stone, by the perpetual Fumes of Tobacco, and bewitching effects of this most pernitious COFFEE"

Men’s Answer to The Women’s Petition|300

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