Most home cooks should sharpen their knives at least twice a year, much more frequently if they use their knives every day.

Use a Sharpening Stone. The best method by far. Not only will it give you the best edge, but it will also remove the least amount of material.

When buying a water stone, look for a large one, at least 2½ inches wide and 8 inches long and an inch thick. Stones come in various grit sizes, ranging from around 100 up to 10,000+. The lower the number, the coarser the grit, and the more material it will take off your knife. The higher the grit, the sharper the edge you will get, but the more strokes it will take to get you there.I recommend keeping two stones in your kit: one with a medium grit (around 800 or so) to perform major sharpening jobs and one with a fine grit (at least 2,000) to tune the edge to a razor-sharp finish.

Remember to hone your knife on a steel every time you use it. While this process won’t actually take any material off the blade (see here), it will help keep the blade aligned, making slicing and dicing much easier.

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