Not everyone needs a maxed out battle-station for the occasional meeting or e-mail reading at home. For those who don’t intend to work from home every day or won’t be sitting all of their 9-to-5, dialing down a bit can save some space and visuals.


A bright, half-height and semi-transparent chair (like the Herman Miller Setu) is great for not filling too much the field of vision. Unfortunately most good looking and ergonomic desk chairs have a 5 wheels “star” base - which is understandable because mobility is very functional at the office. On the other hand, at home it can be more useful to optimize for floor clearance as it brings ease of cleaning (specially for big vacuum robots).

The wheels or the star base are not the biggest problem, but the small angle between each leg if there are five of them. A four-sided star base (like this LÅNGFJÄLL variant) at least allows to easily clean beneath the chair. Still, it mostly blocks access to the region below the desk, so a chair with four thin and spread out legs is the optimal choice for floor clearance.