Stirrup Hoe

“The stirrup hoe, also called the oscillating, Appalachia, or shuffle hoe (buyer beware: several different styles of hoe are called shuffle hoes) has a U-shaped steel blade that swings through a small arc on the end of its too-short wooden handle. In fact, it looks just like a stirrup on a stick. As you draw it toward you, the blade runs under the soil and slices the weed (or whatever else is in its path) several inches below the surface. With a standard hoe, at the end of your draw, you must lift the hoe out of the soil, push it away from you, and make another stab into the soil. With the stirrup hoe, you can leave it in the ground and continue working it from and toward you, because it is effective with either a draw or a push stroke. Thus the name shuffle hoe.”