Combine Comfort With Effort

Because Corresponding Affection Can Be Hard, it’s important to guarantee that an attempt will be made. In this case, one way to segue into an affection demonstration with a decreased risk of last-minute second thoughts is to plan ahead an easy start.

For example, for someone that finds hard to initiate with verbal affirmation or physical intimacy, waking up early and making breakfast will get things in motion. The other person will initiate a “thank you” or a hug that to be corresponded. Same could work by presenting a gift. For someone who has the way with words but is anxious about a gift, talking about how happy they would be traveling together could warmup the mood before getting those tickets out of the pockets.

When trying to demonstrate affection, it’s important to put effort in speaking the language of the other persons’ heart. But it is also crucial that this is don’t feel like a chore, so it’s nice to get things rolling from a place of comfort.