There's A Language Without Question Marks

An Aphorism conveying the parsimony of questioning as a mean to connect instead of probing to dissect.


Hold questioning, keep listening. Give some space for words to be processed into meaning.

Words are ambiguous because reality is ambiguous. Analyzing it can be useful, but being useful is not always the most important goal.

What is the big picture? Is there a way to understand this language without getting lost on the river of symbols? Read carefully a language without question marks.


The First Morning of the World - Gene Scheer

There’s a language without question marks.
You can read it in the rings of trees.
And in the wind and the river.
And in the sound of birds singing.

But I am filled with nothing but questions.
And each one is bound together like logs on a raft,
Taking me down the river mile by mile.
Ever further away from the mountain top.
Ever further away from the borders of my heart.
Ever further away… away… away…
Away from the first morning of the world.

This song is a critique of our disconnect with nature, other people and whatever essence there is; while also serving as a reminder that a purer way of interacting exists and we can still learn it. While the initial motivation could be traced back into environmentalist activism, the end result is a more universal defense of listening and connecting.