Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

Use the current baseline as starting point. It’s more important to be consistent than to be early. The first objective is to get the circadian rhythm in place so it can serve as foundation to a stable routine. To that end, there are two obvious-but-hard-to-execute factors: actually booting up at the planned time and being disciplined with bedtime.

After having the morning routine in place, enter the hard work of building a habit out of it. At that point, waking up happens on autopilot. The internal willpower battle is gone and you just do it. Sometimes you even do it when you’re not supposed to, because you’re not trying to instinctively escape it.

Bootstrap Reliability

The main goal here is to achieve end-to-end reliability, from waking up to the end of the morning routine: never miss the alarm, get out of bed as soon as possible, and never derail before completing the first activity of the day. Each of these can be a challenge on their own and requires different solutions.

Never Miss an Alarm

The simplest way of not missing an alarm is to have it be absolutely scandalous, one that will wake up the even the neighbors if you don’t silence it immediately. Not a song, just a loud and irritating BEEP BEEP. If you’re not a heavy sleeper, haptic alarms from smart watches are a good silent option. You can should stack alarms so that most of the days you wake up with a gentle push - but should that one fail, a trusty and annoyingly loud machine will make you jump out of bed.

In any case, as the alarm routine continues, the body should start getting used to this wake up schedule and it should get easier with time. On the other hand, your body also learns to perform half-asleep the movements required to stop the alarm so it can just continue sleeping. That’s why getting out of bed without fail is the crucial next step.

Get Out of Bed Immediately


Engage on the Morning Routine

A good kind of first-thing-in-the-morning habit is the mechanical kind. Something that is as much physical and as little thoughtful as possible. The kind of routine that you can perform half asleep, totally automatic. A few classic possibilities: taking a shower, Morning Skin Care, eating cereals etc. The specific routine depends on lifestyle choices but it should be something to be done every day without too much decision-making.

#TODO document the Boostrap Shortcuts

Bedtime Discipline

The straightforward metric to track would be a direct measure of adherence to the scheduled start of the bedtime period. This isn’t perfect because what really matters about being diligent on bedtime is to actually get the amount of sleep you need, so one might as well track sleep quantity and quality directly. Assuming consistency in wake up times, bedtime discipline is to be adjusted to deliver the necessary amount of rest.

Assuming The best metric to measure that would be the actual Average Time Asleep provided by sleep tracking.

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