The hurdles when following the good path

  1. Stimulus Rush We are equipped with various legacy rewards mechanisms that companies learned how to manipulate to the point of abuse. Porn, games, drugs, social networks, junk food. Many products maximize the stimuli and overshoot the healthy thresholds of our built-in reward systems, creating vice and hurting our self control.
  2. Slippery Slope Very tightly planned routines are also very unstable because they have a greater attack surface for unforeseen circumstances. A single slip in our duties might derail into a vicious circle of self shaming, blaming and defeat. Too high expectations will inevitably lead to great disappointment and ultimately a step back to square one.
  3. Burning Out Escapist behaviors and crippling overwhelming.
  4. Peer Pressure People have their own routines and whims. Because we are built to connect and belong, we then become

Hacking vulnerabilities into exploits

  1. Immerse in a group that shares favorable habits and keep each other accountable. Find a reliable peer to counter external factors.
  2. Anticipate the gains of discipline. Gamify stimulus resistance and greatly reward long term planning. Delaying gratification is an ability that can be trained.
  3. Anticipate the loss of a relapse. It becomes easier to win an argument against temptation if there’s much at stake. Remember the purpose of the task.