Who I am as a living person

I really like problem solving, and writing is where problem solving information meets aesthetics. Great pleasure comes from beautiful uses of language and code;

like when antonyms have the same number of letters,
even more synonyms with all word widths as options,
this gift allowing code and poem rivers to trickle;

What I do for individual mission

Research[1] possible improvements to our ability to rank stuff. Human preferences is a very complex topic, but even more so is how to optimally adjust to human preferences so that we can achieve satisfaction and fairness with utility.

Experiment[2] with visual ways to represent quality of ordering. Because ranked data consumption patterns vary greatly, perception should not be abstracted away. Instead, it can become a useful tool to bring understanding and improvement.

Develop[3] tools implementing ranking evaluation techniques. Offering the latest research and experimentation results with Open Source libraries.

[1]: Materials for my MSc thesis on ranking utility analysis
[2]: Tools for graphical representations of ranked data
[3]: Package to be used in [Learning to] Rank evaluation

Where I belong in this society

I want to solve a problem. I know how to sort things, literally.

Ranking theory is a central topic in Information Retrieval and has a wide range of applications. Web search is the most common, but there are more specific query scenarios where the result set ordering is specially impactful.

I've decided to focus on searching people. Not by name, not by photo. By who they really are, what they've done and where they might want to become. This is why I joined Gupy[4] in a mission to transform the search for professional realization.

[4]: Recruitment and Selection software empowering HR

Why I hold these beliefs

If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on social media[5][6] or read very ocasional thoughts I flush out in my blog[7].

[5]: https://twitter.com/_villasv
[6]: http://linkedin.com/in/villasv/
[7]: .../pages/blog

When can we have a chat?

Now. Reach me out with an e-mail.